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ExoFlo™ exosomes are micro-vesicles, produced by the body to aid in cell communication. This new injectable endeavors to be more powerful than PRP and is signaling a bright future for regenerative ED medicine.

So What Is ExoFlo™?

Well, your body produces exosomes which can be thought of as military officers for your cells. These exosome officers communicate with other cells giving them mission orders. The cells react to the exosomes’ orders to change what they’re doing and what they’re producing. The exosome officers get the cells into such good shape that you’ll be standing at attention in no time.

Why ExoFlo™?

As we age, this system of exosomes becomes much less efficient. The cellular communications break down as a result. ExoFlo™ re-establishes effective communication with the cells thanks to the addition of new, healthy exosomes. The benefit doesn’t end with the re-establishment of cell communication.

Exosomes don’t just bark out orders, they lead. Exosomes can deliver proteins, such as growth factors, through any barriers that a cell would otherwise not have access. The benefits of these hard little workers cannot be overstated. They are an absolute force multiplier.

Consider if you were unable to speak to others to try to accomplish a task much bigger than yourself. Communication raises the intelligence level of the organization and creates a networked team unified in purpose. Exosomes’ small size is the cherry on top – they’re quick and tiny (1/1000th the size of a cell), allowing them to get places that cells cannot access.

Where Do We Get ExoFlo?

ExoFlo™ sources the exosomes from donated mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from human bone marrow. MSCs can also be sourced from adipose tissue (fat), umbilical cord tissue, and amniotic fluid. MSCs are dormant until they are needed to support bodily healing. ExoFlo™ exosomes are purified with proprietary processing techniques. Exosomes can be thought of as a more concentrated, pure form of stem cell treatment.

Recent medical advancements have enabled physicians to utilize MSCs to great potential. However, MSCs are nothing new. The medical community has been aware of MSC existence since the late 1800s. In fact, over 63,000 peer-reviewed papers have been published on bone marrow-derived MSCs.

Here at RPM, all ExoFlo™ injections are performed by Sarah Kurts, a highly experienced, board-certified physician assistant. She can clear up any uncertainty with the process, and discuss a plan custom suited best for you. Considering the effects, ExoFlo™ is a certain choice.

If you have any questions about how exosomes can help reinvigorate your life, please give us a call at (720) 263-9344 or book an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regeneration and potential relief can begin as soon as 4 weeks from initial injection.

Anyone with medical conditions considered serious should consult their doctor prior to treatment.

ExoFlo™ exosomes are extracted right here in the United States and the production follows FDA standards and the American Association of Tissue Banks.

The exosomes are sourced from bone marrow and isolated mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). The medical community has published over 63,000 peer-reviewed papers on bone marrow-derived MSCs.

ExoFlo™exosomes contain more than a thousand regulatory proteins (growth factors), Micro RNA (miRNA) which can inhibit chronic inflammation and tumor production, and Messenger RNA (mRNA) which regulates inflammatory cells and new vessel formulation.

Depending on the size of the vial, a total of about 10 to 50 billion exosomes. There are over 10 billion exosomes per mL, so quite a lot.

While NSAIDS do not completely negate the exosomes, they decrease the impacts of the procedure. It’s best to avoid use of NSAIDS for  3 days before and up to 21 days post-procedure.

On the day before, you will want to hydrate with plenty of fluids (water, not caffeinated drinks). You should have breakfast on the morning of your scheduled procedure. Avoid NSAIDs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen for 3 days before and up to 3 weeks post procedure.

Exosomes may be found for 6-8 months in your bloodstream, although remedial ED regeneration will continue throughout the year and potentially longer.