Does Green Tea Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Does Green Tea Help Erectile Dysfunction

Are you wondering “Does Green Tea Help Erectile Dysfunction?” You may have heard this rumor that green tea can help alleviate erectile dysfunction. Scientists asked themselves that very question, “can green tea prevent erectile dysfunction?” A research study was published in 2008 on whether or not consuming green tea regularly would affect erectile tissue.

What’s So Special About Green Tea?

So why should we care about some tea that our annoying co-worker is always bragging about? Well, green tea is noted for its rich anti-oxidant content. Anti-oxidants are recognized for helping prevent the disease in blood vessels known as atherosclerosis. That name’s a mouthful, but it’s simply arteries that are clogged with fatty plaques.

And why do we care about preventing clogged arteries? I’m sure you know that this can often be a “show-stopper.” So, moving on to the study. It was conducted on rats, like most studies because we’re similar. No, I’m not going to wax poetic philosophy 101 about the rodent part. You probably heard enough about that in some human studies electives. I mean that we’re both in the mammal class of the animal kingdom.

What Did They Find?

The point of the study was to observe changes to the genitalia, and how this could possibly prevent or postpone ED. The test group sipped on only a green tea extract solution for 6 months. The researchers made an encouraging discovery. While the number of blood fats was not significantly different, fewer fats were being stored in the blood vessels of the genital organs.

Basically, it was slowing down and delaying the disease with clogged arteries, atherosclerosis. Additionally, the test showed a reduced chance of death from cardiovascular disease. So while these results are very promising, they did note that more research is needed to prove green tea prevents harmful cases related to ED. Now, I’m not sure about you reading this but I’m gladly drinking green tea while I write this. Maybe I’m biased, but it’s hard to argue with that knowledge.

It may not solve your ED, but it could prolong your life. However, if you need a faster solution than drinking green tea for 6 months, you may be interested in our remedial ED services. ExoFlo is our newest service that requires no surgery and it’s completely natural. Please call our Denver office at (720) 263-9344 or schedule an appointment.

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