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Denver-based mens health clinic providing modern mens health solutions to men all along the Front Range. Many of Colorado’s men struggle to get and keep an erection, leading to a whole host of emotional and relational problems. This illness can be disastrous to a relationship, whether you believe you are to fault or you blame your partner. RPM Colorado – Revived Performance for Men – is here to help you discover our clinical excellence and access new erectile dysfunction treatments at our Men’s Clinic home near the Front Range, including the following communities:


Erectile Dysfunction, Penis Size or Curvature, Low Blood Flow or Leaking, and loss of sensitivity following Radical Prostatectomy are just a few of the frequent men’s medical problems that men in Denver deserve the best quality of care and experience with.


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Our Services

Shockwave Therapy

The RPM® Acoustic ED Shockwave Therapy is a NON-INVASIVE, DRUG-FREE, NEEDLE-FREE, PAIN-FREE cutting-edge treatment at our Denver Mens Clinic for Men living with Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease. Acoustic ED Shockwave Therapy at RPM® is an FDA-cleared procedure, designed for soft tissue repair and enhanced blood flow through the use of acoustic wave technology. Instead of using artificial drugs like Viagra or Injection Therapy to force extra blood flow, these precision and painless RPM® shockwaves regenerate your existing blood flow and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. Curious about how you can treat ED without pills, pumps, or even injections? Click RPM® Acoustic ED Shockwave Therapy to learn more!

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Cell Therapy is a cellular-based new Erectile dysfunction treatment option that focuses on activating and enhancing the regenerative properties of your own natural cells through the use of exosomes for Erectile Dysfunction. exosome therapy is a new treatment option for men who want to improve their sexual health, penis size, and overall appearance. Exosomes use regenerative cell signaling techniques to enhance your cells, renew them more quickly, and restore blood flow far faster than standard approaches. It's a painless technique to appear great in minutes that doesn't entail medications or surgery! Exosome therapy is a revolutionary new solution for men that uses regenerative cell signaling science to boost cell communication, cellular regeneration, and blood flow restoration faster than traditional approaches.
Interested in learning more about ExoFlo for ED? Visit learn more, visit Denver Regenerative Medicine For ED.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is available to help men diagnosed with Low-T as a successful way to boost energy, lose weight, and redefine your vitality. Comprehensive Low-T Treatment available now at RPM-Colorado.
Testosterone levels can change drastically throughout the day; and are directly affected by your sleep at night. While you sleep, your body prepares for the next day by making more Testosterone. That is why your testosterone levels are most significant right away in the morning- and why under the best of circumstances men experience morning wood.
Learn more about Testosterone Replacement Therapy and find out if Testosterone Replacement is right for you.


The Priapus Shot®, sometimes known as the P-Shot, is a proprietary technique exclusively available at RPM-Colorado to help men living with erectile dysfunction in Denver to get and stay harder, stronger, and even bigger. This revolutionary treatment rejuvenates damaged and aging tissue by using platelet rich plasma (PRP) from the patient's own body. This safe and effective method has been proved to be ideal for those suffering from erectile dysfunction as a result of health issues such as an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, surgery side effects, drug side effects, and other medical conditions like diabetes.
With remarkable success, the P-SHOT shot is named after the Greek god of virility- PRIAPUS. Curious about The Priapus Shot®? Click Denver Priapus Shot® For Men to learn more!

About Revived Performance for Men

Denver’s Top Men’s Clinic Care and Treatments can help revive you, rejuvenate you, and restore your love life faster than ever before at RPM Colorado. No matter how old you are or what condition you’re in- You will receive the best care and opportunity to choose from effective ED Treatment options. Our Denver men’s health and wellness center offers a wide range of services dedicated solely to the betterment of your performance and overall confidence. Discover why Revived Performance Mens clinic is the number one for your men’s health in the Denver area and the top local provider of ED Shockwave Therapy, P-shot®, and new ED Treatment advancements including regenerative ED options like ExoFlo by calling to get a free appointment booked at Revived Performance For Men - Our Denver men’s health and wellness center offers a wide range of services dedicated solely to the betterment of your performance and overall confidence. Let us show you why Revived Performance for Men is the number one men’s health and wellness center in the Denver area and the best provider of Shockwave Therapy and P-shot®.

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How RPM-Colorado Started

Our provider, Sarah Kurts, PA-C, felt as though she needed to do more to cater to the needs of men throughout Denver. With this in mind, she created Revived Performance for Men (RPM), a premier men’s health and wellness center, focused on services geared strictly to men to help them love better.

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